Who We Are

A director of Apricot Well-being, Nawal is a multilingual international coach working successfully both locally (UK) and internationally with individuals and groups from a range of cultures and businesses, all within a variety of settings.

She is a coach with ICF (International Coaching Federation). Nawal has successfully led different teams at senior level on commercial, industrial, education and health projects where the highest standards are routinely demanded. She has a wealth of experience managing and delivering multiple wellbeing projects and programmes across many organisations, leading and developing strong and high performing teams, providing high quality care and user led advocacy to vulnerable young people and adults with complex needs, including mental health.

Nawal believes that all people have extraordinary potential to do well in life. And with this is her deeper passion to equip people with tools and techniques, which guide them to making lasting and sustainable changes with their lives. Nawal’s joy is to transform people’s lives, building their confidence and decision making, celebrating whom they are and recognising their full potential.

Nawal is described by her clients and colleagues as a reliable, result driven, compassionate being with a warm, passionate, jovial humour, and great empathy and understanding of others. It is her extraordinary ability to connect with people at all levels, to create that safe space for individuals and in group settings, where they can focus on their own wellbeing, needs, fulfilling their full potential. As an individual and as a professional Nawal has a good understanding of her abilities, with great skills in engaging people to be curious, to explore, challenge their own thoughts, feelings and to celebrate themselves and their achievements no matter how little they think they are. As a life coach she utilizes a variety of modalities to help her clients transform with ease and places a great emphasis on increasing people’s self-motivation and awareness.

At Apricot Nawal will orchestrate others, so all participate, learn and give their best to deliver something special. We are always encouraging, inspiring and infectiously motivating, expanding and exploring new levels of concentration, clarity and awareness. Nawal opens the door to that source and hence, enables people to successfully confront situations and events that seemingly are beyond their control.

Nigel is one of our non-executive Directors and has spent over twenty years working with people to improve their skills, their lives and well-being. 

Professionally Nigel has an MSc in Training and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

He has been coaching people and working with organisations across industries throughout his career, enabling businesses to improve the way they function and achieve their goals and success. 

Nigel’s expertise is in working with groups although he often gives his time to traditional coaching focusing on developing success, and the building blocks to creating long-term happiness and wellbeing.

Working with groups Nigel has enabled people to understand and develop their strategies for change. He has generated special events for people helping them develop a range of skills and to provide insights in to how they should move forward in this unforeseeable world. Some of these events have been about conflict within the group and others have been about achieving more than the resources imply – real teamwork.

Nigel will look to get his people out of their everyday activities and their comfort zones, seeking to challenge people to challenge themselves, gain new or broader perspectives and develop their motivation to take themselves forward.

One of the key objectives is for people to have real workable and achievable plans that they can take forward. And this allows Nigel to keep in touch so that he can see or help change things further to bring about positive outcomes.