Group Coaching and Facilitation

What is group coaching?

Group coaching is a facilitative process that enables people to explore their collective knowledge and thoughts to enable them to achieve both common and individual goals. The individuals are generally a group of people who have come together for the purposes of learning together, with the aim of growing and developing both individually and as part of a group.

There’s an incredible energy and collective wisdom when doing group coaching that’s different from 1:1 session, and it’s this energy and wisdom that can rapidly get members to achieve their goals. It’s about the connection, communication, great sense of community and that shared purpose of wanting to grow and develop that comes from not just the coach interacting with their clients but group members interacting with each other

Coaching groups are also different. Sometimes all members in the group are focused on the same goal and want to work together to achieve that goal. Or group members can have their own individual goals, although all members may be in a similar phase or timeframe in their life or business.  At Apricot wellbeing we make sure we identify the principal theme for our group coaching programs.

At Apricot wellbeing we understand that trust is the most important element when we are coaching groups – it creates a safe space so every member can get the most out of the experience.

Our group coaching theme will ultimately connect each individual member with everyone else so there’s a cohesive, common thread that pulls people together in our group.

In the long-term, our reputation in coaching groups rides on what our members get to experience. Our motivation is to keep offering a highly effective, inspirational and great value for money programmes. Aligned with the ICF (International Coaching Federation) standards and designed to transform people’s lives for the better. Group coaching is delivered both virtually and in person.

Benefits of Group Coaching:

  • A perspective of others enabling people to learn quickly
  • Greater knowledge and experience on offer and to learn from
  • Working with people that have similar or the same goals and desires
  • The capacity of the group is greater than that of the individual.
  • You get to expand your network of valuable connections.
  • Can achieve more impact with a group at a lower cost
  • You get to experience that priceless feeling of being part of something bigger, something greater than yourself

Results of Group Coaching:

  • An ability to problem solve
  • Be able to lead change
  • Have a developed network
  • Increasing engagement
  • Better understanding of the joint responsibility for supporting and helping each other
  • An ability to handle difficult conversations within a group Settings
  • Increased self- expression and ability to become a better communicator
  • Better awareness of strength and areas that need improvement for continuous development
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Mellezia | Director of Rena Initiative

Apricot wellbeing programme has enabled me to create two hours weekly for self -care where I reflect on my own health and wellbeing in a supportive and empowering environment...

Customer rated you highly for: professionalism, value, responsiveness
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Zoltan Harshegyi | Founder ECHO Friends – “Spread the World”

I always thought of myself as a confident person, who could deal with his issues that holds him back alone, or sometimes with a chat with a friend. But during the last year, I had to realise that I certainly have some serious underlying issues that affect my wellbeing and happiness. It was hard to admit it to myself, but at the same time I did it, I got an email from Nawal introducing this programme...

Customer rated you highly for: professionalism, value, responsiveness
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Elaine Robison | Community leader in Hammersmith and Fulham

The Apricot programme has definitely enabled me to positively reflect on my own wellbeing and has raised my awareness of accepting who I really am as well as improved my relationship with myself...

Customer rated you highly for: professionalism, value, responsiveness
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Cinzia D’Ambrosi | Photojournalist

The Apricot wellbeing programme has enabled me to reflect on my own health and wellbeing. The programme has allowed me to look back at the causes of particular emotional and behavioural blocks that stand on the way to health and wellbeing...

Customer rated you highly for: professionalism, value, responsiveness
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Anthony Fleetwood's review on 14 Aug 2020

Nawal makes you feel very relaxed and at ease. She creates a safe and nurturing environment - you feel listened to, she hears you and allows you space to talk or not! ....

Customer rated you highly for: professionalism, value, responsiveness
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Sharon Tomlin's review on 13 Aug 2020

Nawal is a phenomenal practitioner who through her compassionate and emotionally intelligent approach enabled a long-lasting positive impact on how I see life. The techniques, guidance and advice given enabled me to have a better understanding on how to nurture, place and protect myself. Thank you Nawal!

Customer rated you highly for: professionalism, responsiveness, value
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Debbie Kilby's review on 29th July 2020

Nawal listened without criticism or opinion - she helped me question myself and find the right answers for me! 6 months on from several meetings with her I am in a much better place both in my home life and career. She is truly inspirational and cannot recommend her enough ....

Customer rated you highly for: work quality, professionalism, value
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Miramistic way review on 11 Sep 2020

It was an amazing experience to be heard properly. Nawal's communication approach has made me see another perspective of my life, many other opportunities were on my way, which I was unaware of....

Customer rated you highly for: communication, professionalism, value
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