Julie Piercey | Life Coach, Scar therapist

“I would have liked to have heard Nawal’s story of how she got to where she is, why she set up a CIC business etc. I think it would have been inspirational for  a new coach such as myself. Wasn’t really keen on talking about my vulnerable side but thank God Nawal did not let me off the hook as it has made a huge difference to my life. I don’t think anything needed to be done differently but I think Nawal would make a good mentor and could add this to her repertoire along with workshops to help new coaches interested in wellbeing and community enterprises. Here is my testimony…

Not only were all my goals achieved, Nawal’s warmth, insight and support made it a pleasure to work with her. I especially enjoyed how Nawal compassionately extracted out all my vulnerable bits but then casually left me space to work out for myself what I wanted to reflect on and change. I am grateful to you for helping me improve my wellbeing.”

Cinzia D’Ambrosi | Photojournalist

“The Apricot wellbeing programme has enabled me to reflect on my own health and wellbeing. The programme has allowed me to look back at the causes of particular emotional and behavioural blocks that stand on the way to health and wellbeing
The programme has enabled me to understand the original triggers of certain negative factors that are impeding a full productive and healthy way to run my life. Awareness is a first step in making changes and I think this is being very helpful in applying changes.
The online process is currently my preferred mode because of personal circumstances.”

Customer rated you highly for: professionalism, value, responsiveness

Elaine Robison | Community leader in Hammersmith and Fulham

“The Apricot programme has definitely enabled me to positively reflect on my own wellbeing and has raised my awareness of accepting who I really am as well as improved my relationship with myself.

The online sessions have enabled interactive communication between all of us the group members and the facilitator. I observed that I was not the only one who has had negative beliefs and undesirable moods. I am also working on keeping my moods more stable.
it has motivated me to do more work in the community. I now feel more empowered to take my chances, move away from my limiting beliefs and on to my self-improvement plans meaning back to work as soon as Covid19 allows.”

Customer rated you highly for: professionalism, value, responsiveness

Zoltan Harshegyi | Founder ECHO Friends – “Spread the World”

“I always thought of myself as a confident person, who could deal with his issues that holds him back alone, or sometimes with a chat with a friend. But during the last year, I had to realise that I certainly have some serious underlying issues that affect my wellbeing and happiness. It was hard to admit it to myself, but at the same time I did it, I got an email from Nawal introducing this programme. I’ve had some crazy ups and (mostly) downs recently, and I couldn’t be more grateful for Nawal to organise these sessions for us, and established a truly safe environment where we can freely discover our issues as a team. It was not easy at first to open up and talk about the problems that made us vulnerable, but that way we have already learnt so much about how to rediscover the person who looks back in the mirror every day is becoming a life-changing experience. The program itself has a great structure that I really like, we all gather a ton of self-reflecting knowledge during every sessions, but most importantly, Nawal really listens to us individually which is incredible. We all have certain problems in common within the team (which is also fantastic and supportive), but picking up on very personal issues, Nawal is able to resonate with me on the most caring and helpful level that’s possible.

I think this programme could be reaching its real potential when every one of us had the time to open up even more and dig deeper into our fear, struggles and limiting beliefs, and I certainly hope that her programme will be supported for months as it could really direct our lives not only back to the pre-Covid state, but enhance our self-development as individuals to finally become the community leaders we always wanted to be. And you just cannot put a price tag on this at all.”

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Mellezia | Director of Rena Initiative

“Apricot wellbeing programme has enabled me to create two hours weekly for self -care where I reflect on my own health and wellbeing in a supportive and empowering environment. The programme has equipped me with tools to progress forward in a positive and productive way in life. As a result of the Apricot wellbeing programme, I will be able to make changes to improve my work life balance.
The online processes in delivering this programme have been effective in meeting the intended outcomes during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it would be beneficial for the programme to be extended in order for us to really practice the principles and receive support while putting them into action. It would also be great for this programme to be available to support more community leaders through the pandemic and beyond. “

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Anthony Fleetwood | Private client

Nawal makes you feel very relaxed and at ease. She creates a safe and nurturing environment – you feel listened to, she hears you and allows you space to talk or not! She is able to ask the right questions that enable and encourage you to open up and be honest without feeling judged or insignificant. She has an amazing ability to help you see things from a different perspective. She skilfully helps you recollect and consider things that have happened in your past that may have an impact on your present and future. Nawal helped me understand my behaviour and response towards certain situations and how behavioural patterns are formed, even inherited without even realising it. Nawal got me really thinking and observing how I approach life, with a particular focus on self-worth – this was so powerful and revealing. Expect to be kept on your toes in between sessions as Nawal sets homework and checks in with you to see how you’re doing – this was a really valuable aspect of the coaching for me as it kept me focussed and determined to stay on track. I highly recommend Nawal as a coach – 100%!

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Sharon Tomlin’s | Private client

Nawal is a phenomenal practitioner who through her compassionate and emotionally intelligent approach enabled a long-lasting positive impact on how I see life. The techniques, guidance and advice given enabled me to have a better understanding on how to nurture, place and protect myself. Thank you Nawal!

Customer rated you highly for: professionalism, responsiveness, value

Debbie Kilby | Private client

I was at a point in my life where I was facing major changes and difficult decisions to make about my future. I felt I didn’t know which way to turn and feared what life may bring. Nawal listened without criticism or opinion – she helped me question myself and find the right answers for me! 6 months on from several meetings with her I am in a much better place both in my home life and career. She is truly inspirational and cannot recommend her enough.

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Miramistic way | Private client

It was an amazing experience to be heard properly. Nawal’s communication approach has made me see another perspective of my life, many other opportunities were on my way, which I was unaware of. The only thing I needed, was Nawal’s amazing way of portraying alternatives and opportunities. I knew I always wanted to teach, but she has put me through the deep questioning of my abilities to teach something that I love. Which I am doing now, as I have opened my successful business of Yoga and Meditation studio #Miriamisticway in Morocco. I can say that I have found success and peace with myself. I hope she can help many other people to achieve that 🙂

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