The Human connections beyond Covid19

by | May 20, 2021

In the last few months more people are talking about the impact of covid19 on our mental health. We are becoming more aware of the inter-link between our wellbeing and stress, particularly high-level stress and often, unseen stress. The COVID-19 crisis has significantly threatened our basic need for connection, that is human connection, which impacts on our mental health. Studies are showing that the current level of profound human disconnection has biological, and behavioural determinants.

Human connection: A core human motivation

The COVID-19 pandemic is, by definition, a significant threat to humanity. The pandemic is straining our healthcare and economic systems in ways that are significant and obvious. Beyond these domains, COVID-19 poses a profound threat to our most basic human motivations, especially human connection. We do not need extensive research to understand that social connection, or a sense of belonging and closeness with others, is fundamental to human development and well-being. As someone who follows, studies and research trends in “Human Connection,” it is beyond a doubt that human connection will never be the same after Covid-19. We also know that having frequent social interactions and spending more time talking with others are both associated with greater well-being. Furthermore, experiments have shown that people who engages more in social interactions tend to report higher levels of positive emotion and social connectedness.

How do we move forward and keep connecting?

I am a huge advocate of using technology as means of spreading not just the message of Human Connection but doing the connecting itself and I have always embraced new ways of communication. But this year I have learned that technology could be hugely beneficial in connecting us with those we love, and our community and I discovered this more when my grandmothers died, and I wasn’t able to travel and attend her funeral. Human Connection is extremely good for our health, “So yes let’s embrace the new ways of being but let us reclaim that human connection by setting up safer in-person gatherings with friends and family.” And at work too it will be important for our well-being to ensure there is enough human connection. We had to learn a whole new way of being. Now, after being told to keep away from people for a year, we are hearing that a time to reconnect in old ways is coming. It is going to take some time to adjust and find a new normal. And we all need to judge less, accept more, embrace our differences, and recognise that we are all unique individuals trying to connect .