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Bringing Communities Together

Communities are not simply there; a community needs to organize itself and strive to bring good to themselves and the world. Communities need a clear focus and with that they need structure. With this they can then decide on how they want to develop, what they can really achieve – group ambition. With this concept we work with communities and groups to enable them to achieve what they desire. It is our way of giving back.

So what is it we can do?

We can help all different community groups determine their “project,” thinking things through and collectively identifying goals and ways to do things.

We can work with groups so that they strive to give their best in the circumstances in which they are in.

We can work with groups to identify their wants and needs as a group and as individuals.

Our expertise is in understanding the barriers that different groups face:

  • Lack of resources
  • No formal development
  • Lack of a clear focus
  • Different needs and desires
  • Different levels of commitment

Apricot wellbeing Resilience & Wellbeing programmes aims:

  • Increase your self- awareness and Motivation
  • Review your values and drives
  • Manage your anxiety and face your fears
  • Develop your creativity & growth mindset
  • Increase your self- expression and become a better communicator
  • Sharpen up your Social Intelligence & connection
  • Improve your emotional and overall wellbeing
  • Build confidence and self-esteem to achieve sustainable and lasting change