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Current Programmes

Apricot wellbeing team are delighted to have successfully secured a small grant from United in Hammersmith & Fulham and will be delivering a Group coaching programme.

4 Week wellbeing workshops.

Commencing on Wednesday 6th of Jan 2021 @ Zoom meeting: 1.00pm—3.00pm

Apricot Well-being is working in partnership with Sobus and will be offering a group coaching programme of interactive workshops specifically designed to enhance community leader’s wellbeing and increase their motivation and support mechanisms as a result of Covid19.

Our programme is made up of 4 sessions over a period of four weeks (one Zoom session per week). It is free of charge and accessible to community leaders in Hammersmith and Fulham. Please book as soon as possible as we have very limited places.


  • To explore the impact of Covid19 on community leaders and their health and wellbeing.
  • To better understand the balance of our own health and wellbeing against the impact of Covid19 on our communities.
  • To equip community leaders with coping strategies that can enable them to plan and move forward.
  • To increase motivation in these times to make change happen.
  • To promote greater resilience in the community by working together sharing best practice.

Where are you now?

What are you needs?

What needs to change?

Making it happen

Week 1: Wednesday 6th of Jan 2021 - Explore /reflect / identify

The Processes

  • Providing you the community leaders with safe space to reflect on last year 2020 experiences
  • Recognising and acknowledging the implications of Covid19 on your own wellbeing, while dealing with uncertainties, loss and possibly living through difficult times
  • Exploring your own feelings and thoughts about those implication
  • Reflecting on your behaviours and ways of being

The Results

  • Have a clear understanding of the impact of Covid19 on you personally and on the overall community
  • You will be able to evaluate what is good or bad about your experiences
  • You will be able to analyse what sense you can make of these experiences
  • You will Conclude what are your needs and what could you improve on
Week 2: Wednesday 13th of Jan 2021 - Equipping you with the right tools

The Processes

  • Providing you the community leaders with information on a range of wellbeing topics
  • Learning some basic but effective ways of how to challenge some of your own thoughts and reflect on your behaviour
  • Helping you identify individually and as a group some coping strategies
  • initiating your self-improvement plan

The Results

  • Increased self-awareness
  • You will have a better understanding of boundaries
  • You will have a better connection with your inner self
  • Increased motivation and resilience
  • You will have an adaptive response to change
  • You will better be equipped to grow and develop in your roles as community leaders while sustaining your own needs and moving towards better future
Week 3: Wednesday 20th of Jan 2021 - Communication in the modern era

The Processes

  • Looking at the many communication challenges that have arisen from using digital tools in everyday life such as Zoom
  • Exploring the range from the basics of communication through to advanced skills for more complex situations such as giving advice, online assessments and interviews
  • Sharing views on how to be involved in decision-making processes involving others
  • Utilising your own expertise of identifying the digital needs of the people in the community

The Results

  • You will address some of your challenges and identify what new skills are needed?
  • You will be encouraged to learn new skills, seeking self-empowerment
  • You will identify what is needed for you to improve your digital skills for more effective and efficient way of communicating in the modern word
  • You will be more inclusive and up to date
  • You will be able to represent your community and be voice in all different platforms
  • You will become an influencer and make a change happen
Week 4: Wednesday 27th of Jan 2021 - Recognising change and Lasting the distance

The Processes

  • Focusing on change, better understanding of what does it mean to you?
  • Understanding how of do you cope with change?
  • Understanding and acknowledging what that transition will mean to you?
  • Recognising what will happen if you don’t change?
  • Acknowledging who is responsible of making that change happen in your life?

The Results

  • You will have a better understanding of the barrier stopping you make a change happen
  • You will identify you own way of breaking free from those barriers
  • You will initiate a plan of how you will make change happen
  • You will be able to identify how you will implement those changes and how would it help you as community leaders
  • You will be able to adapt and deal with new ways of working for better future, creating a resilient community

To book a place please contact Sharon Tomlin or Shad Haibatan at SOBUS
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]
Please note that places are limited and please ensure that you are free to attend all 4 sessions for a better outcome and result.